Friday, 14 March 2014

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly...

Another week down.
At this rate I will back to work before you know it!

The Good
Catching up with friends and family

Bless them, family and true friends are worth their weight in gold.

Listing lots

Lots of my old and unwanted stuff is now listed on eBay.
Yes it took an age but I don't have to rush anywhere so I can cope with it.

Selling lots

I am amazed how much has sold.
£263 profit.
Very impressed indeed.

The Bad
Sleepless nights

I hate not sleeping as I need lots of sleep.

And Tummy pains

And as for tummy pains well lets just say I don't do pain!

The Ugly
Car Repairs

Why oh why do cars have to cost so much money?
Oh well, you can't take it with you I suppose.

Hope you guys have had  good week and an even better weekend.
As for me I am off to York with hubby for the weekend.
Lets hope the house is as neat when we get back after two teenagers have spent the weekend alone!

X x


  1. I've had rubbish sleep lately, it's the worst thing ever in my eyes! x

  2. Hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend honey. I've been sleeping terribly x

  3. I have been selling on ebay too but thats a fantastic profit...most I have ever got is about £90.00. Have a lovely weekend x

  4. Have a great weekend, you may have to keep your fingers crossed regarding the tidy house when you get back if they are anything like my lot :) xx

  5. Your doing great on ebay, something always needs you money once you get it thought, grr for car prices.. Have a lovely weekend :)

  6. Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    I had a Spa Break with my mum.

  7. I need to follow your lead on ebay. I have a lot of stuff to shift!

    Enjoy York. I've not been so look forward to the photos.


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