Thursday, 20 March 2014

Less Thumb To Thumb, More Face To Face...

I hope you don't mind Carmel but I am borrowing your title as it hit I real note with me when I read your post.

Casual for a visit from a friend.
Top - Thrifted
Vest Top - Primark
Jeans - Tesco
Shoes - New Look

I, like most people, tend to keep in contact with many friends either via text or email.
(Thumb to thumb)
And don't get to meet up any where near as often as I should.
(Face to face)

So my mission today was to dial telephone numbers (well press call) and arrange to meet up with a few of my friends.

Hands on head to show you sleeves.

After all, I am off at the moment so its not a problem.
And the idea solution was to ask them all to mine for coffee and cake.

So baking has been done.
With a little help from my daughter and I am prepared for the ladies to descend on me.

And you know what?
I'm really looking forward to the madness.

X x

And an update on my 1000 item challenge.
Listed items are now up at 195, I managed to add another 22 items today.
That leaves me 806 still to go

And total sales are still at £263.
No more sales as yet.

X x


  1. I do try and meet up with friends regular for tea and cake, sometimes months will go by but it's always good to make the effort x

  2. Its lovely meeting up with friends x

  3. Great idea to have a good catch up whilst your off. Have fun xx

  4. I hope you had a lovely time. I've seen so many people since I have been off, it's a good excuse for a natter! xx

  5. 22 items in one day? Impressive- teach me your tips- It took me 4 days to list 35.

    1. Its only because I am off work and have loads of time. I take all the photos first then list the same groups of things at a time. Much easier then. I just hope most of it sells, as its filling up space I want. lol

      X x

  6. beautiful top Trayci! I hope that you had a great time catching up over cake :) x

  7. How exciting, I'm sure you'll have a lovely day - let them wash up though! That top is fab. xxx

  8. Oh your top is beautiful and looks great with those shoes. I do try to see friends regularly, and also chat on twitter and facebook.

    Popping over from the Welcome to the Weekend Blog hop.

  9. How nice to get a little face to face time with friends!

  10. Aww great post, I need to meet friends more instead of texting..... to eat cake and drink coffee too ;) love your top, great outfit :)

  11. Hi there hope you had a lovely catch up with your friends and well done on the selling too xx

  12. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, your blouse is lovely.

  13. What a pretty, breezy blouse to show off your pretty arms. And such a lovely set of colors. The shoes, of course, are perfection. (I have a dreadful shoe addiction, too. You'll like it around here ... full of the unrepentant!)


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