Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Thank You..

Thank you for all your kind comments.

I have been taking it very, very easy today.
And Kassie (my eldest) has been here ensuring that I do.

We have had plenty of giggles, as I have caught up with all the gossip about uni and nights out.
Nothing beats spending time with the ones you love, it has to be the best medicine.

As for tonight the kids are cooking tea and we shall be, like most people, enjoying pancakes for our pudding.


Tomorrow sees the beginning Lent.
Will any of you lovely people be giving anything up?
Or even doing some new instead?

X x


  1. Lovely photo of you and Cassie, you're so alike!
    No pancakes for us, we're not pudding eaters. Enjoy yours! x

  2. I had too many pancakes and now feel grotty, oops! x

  3. i love pancake day but found that I could only manage one yesterday, I don't seem to have any appetite lately.


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