Saturday, 29 March 2014

Mothers Day This Year Has Been Postponed.......

Well maybe not for everyone but for us it has definitely been postponed this year.
Only for a few days though.

Ashleigh is holidaying in Egypt, Kassie is working and Andys mom and dad are in Gambia.
So only my mom is around!

So whilst we celebrated for my mom, after all she is the best mom ever, mine has been postponed until next week.
When I can have my girls around me to celebrate properly.

That said I hope that all you lovely ladies have had a totally pampered day.


X x


  1. hope you have a nice restful day anyway, I've just made the mums a cake each x

    1. Sounds lovely Claire. I am sure they will love them

      x x

  2. That "favorite" card cracked me up!

  3. Hope you still had a great day and yeah you have it to look forward too when everyone is home :)


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