Friday, 18 April 2014

Good Friday Indeed....

What a sunny day we have had.
A little chilly (a jumper came out at one point) but beautiful to say the least.

Top - H&M (old)
Skirt - Primark
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins

It would have been an ideal day for work up the lottie, but with an aching back I decided against it.

Instead I have pottered in the garden and booked two camp sites ready for our main French holiday later in the year.

We also have a weekend away next week all being well.
Lets hope the weather stays like this.

Hope you are all enjoying your Easter what ever your plans might be.

X x

An update on my  1000 items challenge.

 Total has increased to 480

Still 520 to go
I WILL be at the half way mark by the end of this weekend.

Total sales are up even more to £803
(£36 added from yet 4 more sales)

 X x


  1. it started off chilly here, but this afternoon has been gorgeous! x

  2. I've been too busy to venture outside other than to peg 4 loads of washing out - it tried in no time!
    Have a fab weekend. Love that paisley print! xxx

  3. Sunshine and cloud here, but tomorrow is due to be brighter :) x

  4. Those colours suit you! I'm having trouble dressing for the weather, one minute it's hot then the chill comes.

    Enjoy your Easter weekend.

  5. Agree with Caroline you look lovely in these colours! x

  6. love your shoes..! It was lovely here on Good Friday too, but very very breezy!!

  7. It's exciting booking holidays, I'm on the countdown now to ours, 11 weeks to go.

  8. Blue is definitely your colour!!

    S xx


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