Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Home Alone

Well I’m not home alone obviously; I’m at a hotel alone! My loved ones are at home without me!
I know I should revel in the time alone,( enjoy peace and quiet, a double bed to myself and a yummy meal that I haven’t had to slave over,) because let’s be honest it’s not really a luxury a full time working mom tends to get very often! But you guessed it; I’d rather be at home.
Whilst the food was yummy and even better free as the company will foot the bill.

The bed was far too lonely without my gorgeous hubby to chase round it.

The tea and coffee were not my own.

And the bathrooms far too neat. (None of hubbys  smellies and no ones undies on the floor!)

But I did have wander in the rain to try and un-stiffen the legs after the two and a half hour drive, hence the need for a sit down again.

And after a good night sleep I was ready for whatever today threw at me. (And trust me it threw a lot! but more on that another day)

As for now, I'm just glad to be home!
X x x


  1. No fun being shacked up in a posh hotel on your ownsome, is there? It looks very smart though. did you snaffle the miniature toiletries?
    You have fabulous legs, you rock those shorts. All that walking is going to make them even better, too. xxx

  2. Hi there-pleased to hear your back home!! great shorts too x

  3. I love hotel tea and coffee trays! Haha. You look amazing x


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