Thursday, 24 February 2011

Rome wasn't built in a day!

As you know the summer holiday is now booked. 

Great something to look forward to. 

What that also means is something to motivate this butt to get off the sofa and try to get a little more toned. I only wear bikinis on holiday and even though I've hit 40 that is not going to change!

Whilst I don't class my self as fat I know that  loosing a few pounds and toning can only be a good thing. 
The problem is motivation!

I really have no excuse for not exercising as we have; a treadmill, exercise bike and a rowing machine! (the cross trainer is on loan to my niece) Along with Wii fit and now a Kinect too! But anyone who works full time along with caring for a family will tell you, getting time for yourself can only be achieved by rising earlier or going to sleep later, neither appeal greatly as I love my sleep!

However I am now setting the alarm early, dragging my derier out of bed and hitting the treadmill for a whole 20 minutes. Doesn't sound like much I know but as the saying goes Rome wasn't build in a day!

To add to this I have now been committed (not literally although there is still time!) to doing the three peaks challenge in June to raise money for Age UK. The charity we support through work.

  Hubby has set it up and it is very quickly gaining momentum! I must admit three mountains in 24 hours fills me with real dread but I will try my hardest to do all that I can.

So watch this space! Motivation may be needed along with many words of encouragement! And for those I thank you in advance! 

Now I'm off to make sure those trainers and walking boots are a matching pair!

X x x


  1. Hi there-wow, what a massive achievement this will be, best of luck to you!!Thanks for your lovely comment, I'm lucky that I have a fast metabolism and don't have to worry too much about my weight, I don't go out of my way to keep fit though, must try harder, lol!

  2. You are so lucky cause you look fab! Fitness really isn't my thing either however it has to be now! I must be mad! The things you do to support your loved ones eh!

    X x

  3. I agree with Sharon, that would be a massive achievement. I never used to be into exercise, I don't tend to put on weight but with the old arthritis if I don't do something every day I seize up. xx

  4. Oh wow, best of luck with it! It sounds like a fabulous thing to do but rather you than me - I just don't have the energy!

  5. To say I am bricking it would be an understatement but if I don't try I will never know if I can achieve it!

    Thanks for all your support it means a lot!

    X x x

  6. I used to go to the gym a lot but have been going a lot less lately. I really need to go back asap.

    Good Luck x


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