Friday, 17 June 2011

D Day! Or Should That Be T Day?!

Today we travel to Scotland ready for our challenge that begins on Saturday.

The car has been washed and packed.

All the preparation has been done, minibuses organised, food purchased, support group arranged, sponsorship raised and now I feel sick!

Finally it's here.

If for what ever reason you have been living on Mars and now heard me constantly speaking of it this is what the Three Peaks challenge entails.

5pm on Saturday we shall begin climbing Ben Nevis (4,409 ft) hoping to complete at 10pm (5 hours)
We then drive to Scarfell Pike, an estimated 6 hour car journey.
Beginning Scarfell Pike (3,209 ft) at 4am and completing at 8am (4hours)
Then we drive the final leg of our car journey to Snowdon, an estimated 5 hour drive.
Beginning Snowdon (3,560 ft) at 1pm and finishing at 5pm (4 hours)
A total of 24 hours from start to finish.....

That's 24 mile of walking and 450 mile of traveling..


Wish me luck!

X x


  1. Argh, just posted on your last post as didn't know if you'd be on - thought it was today not tomorrow! Massive massive loads of luck, I'll be thinking of you all weekend - you'll be great!! x

  2. Good luck you are always so active x


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