Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Shoes Have It!

I am a true shoe-a-hollic and have been trying hard not to buy anymore.

So far I have succeeded but it has been an uphill struggle.

Whilst I have been wearing as many different shoes as possible from boots to flip flops, trainers to heels, I always tend to go back to a few trusty pairs.
Mainly as I have to be smart for work and can't really deviate to much.
And that only gives the weekend to have free range with my shoe collection.

Yesterday I sorted out what shoes were in need of some TLC and took them off to the cobblers for repair.

The result?

Very happy and shiny shoes.
Repaired and ready to be worn again.

However the cost was £25.

It does kind of explain why people buy shoes, wear them to death and then dispose of them!

Outfit for the day was this;

Top - Top Shop
Trousers - Dorothy Perkins

Cardy - Forever 21

I love the batwing shape of this cardy. It makes it feel a little more dressy. 

And the floatyness of the top is very delicate
(Is that even a word?!)
Simple accessories;
A favourite bangle.

Barry M nails.
Shoes were also a favourite pair;

A bow because I love them.

Shoes - adapted by my loving daughter.
Smart but casual for a day of admin and calm.

X x


  1. Those bow shoes are so elegant and lovely with what you're wearing.
    I often pick up lovely shoes for less than a quid at car boots discarded because somebody can't be bothered to get them retipped. I hate waste, their extravagence is my gain. xxx

  2. If they are shoes you love, I think it's well worth getting them repaired...can't put a price on things we love!

  3. I think it's worth having shoes repaired, after all if you've gone through the pain of breaking them in, it's worth it not to have to do it again with a new pair!

  4. Hi my dear-good for you, investment in existing shoes is a good idea indeed and you're looking very stylish as usual too! Have a great week ahead xx

  5. You've got the best legs - love those trousers.

    Finding a good local cobbler is one of the best things I did. So much cheaper than places like Timpsons and he even managed to repair a completely knackered pair of boots which I thought were doomed.

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  7. Those trousers look ace on you! You should wear more - you've got great pins!


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