Friday, 1 July 2011

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Yes another week has passed us by.
Where does the time go?

And heres my high lights and low lights.

The Good

Having my mom return home!

It feels like she had been gone forever!

Thankfully feeling human again.

It's only taken a full week and knees still click a little!

A great weekend in London.

With great Gleeked company.
What a fantastic concert it was.

Getting back to exercising.

Bring on that beach body!

The Bad

Having  to drive to Wales and back after a long meeting.

I felt so tired it was untrue

The Ugly

Still being without my iphone.

My own fault for not chasing up the insurance!

So what have been your heros and villains this week?

X x


  1. Hmmm...

    The Good - completing the Three Peaks

    The Bad - the actual completing of the Three Peaks

    The Ugly - that massage afterwards!!! Oh and the blister haha!

    Thanks for the message - you are TOO KIND!! I will email you now whilst I remember. Have a great weekend xx

  2. This week?

    Good - Glastonbury, yesterday's vintage scores, catching up with pals, sleeping in my own bed.

    It's all good, good, good! xxx


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