Friday, 16 September 2011

My life, my hair is doing my head in!

I hate feeling a wreck and not being able to do my hair makes me feel that way.

But I also don't do wingeing either so I have been making the best of a bad situation.

Outfits are a little low key but only as I keep sleeping constantly!
(joys of pain killers eh!)

I need to recover after yesterdays adventure!
(I am shattered!)

So todays outfit is this:

Even though it was rather chilly the sun was shining through the window.

Jumper - River Island
Trousers - H&M from America years old
Scarf  - Primark
Shoes - Next 
You will notice no make up and of course wild hair!

I look like the wild woman of borneo here!
 Even though it's very old I still like the sleeves of this jumper.

This is me wishing my arm to get better!

I didn't think it was worth dressing to the nines for sleeping on the sofa.

That said I can't wait to be able to feel glamorous again!

X x 


  1. I would hate to be in your spot you poor love,That scarf sure is nice tho and glams you up well.

  2. Aw bless!!!

    Come and enter my giveaway!! :)


  3. I think your entitled to a whinge my lovely x

  4. The sleeves on that top are fabulous, Trayci! Can't you get one of the girls to wash your hair for you (not that it looks like it needs it). x

  5. it's all washed and clean and even been coloured too! Yes Vix my girlies have done it for me and I feel so much better.

    X x


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