Friday, 9 September 2011

Feeling Blue!

Ok I have the post holiday blues, I am sure you know it?!

Its the feeling of missing the warm sun on your skin, the sea breeze in your hair, food a plenty and booze on tap.

Sad but there you go!

But even though I am feeling oh so blue, I decided to brighten my day by wearing blue and making it a summer day even if its not quite one outside.

Dress - ASOS (years old)

As my gran used to say,
"Turn that frown upside down!"

Plus it gave me a good chance to flash my tan to my friends too!

Accessories were very simple, a little like me!

Ring - BHS

Shoes - Next

And a last outing for my heeled sandals before being re boxed and banished to the loft for the winter.

Only positive?

Well with winter comes very different outfits, chunky knits, tailored trousers even capes..

I'm smiling already!

X x


  1. You look great when your blue and those shoes do too.

  2. Lovely tan, the blue really shows it off a treat.
    It's feeling lovely and summery here today, don't get packing your summer stuff away just yet. x

  3. Loving this colour, it really shows off your tan nicely.
    Looking forward to a few chunky knits myself :)


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