Thursday, 8 September 2011


Finally I shall get to share a little of our Mexico holiday with you.

Before I do I have to say what a wonderful time we had and just how friendly the Mexican people were.

No pestering you as we have had on previous holidays i.e Egypt and no getting to know in order to have tips either. So refreshing from most places.

The hotel was stunning as promised by hubby and daughter, as well as huge! The complex consisted of three hotels in total which we caught little trains around to see.

Ours had three pools, including masses of sun beds, it was next to a beautiful beach with crystal clear blue sea and white sand. We had loads of restaurants to choose from (I have put on soo much weight!) as well as bars and good entertainment too. (Which is something we have never really been bothered by but did enjoy)

It wasn't just lying in the beach, although we did we enough to read four books each!

We filled the time with swimming with Whale Sharks ( yes I did do it!), sight seeing, swimming in Cenotes  and visiting two of Mexico's great nature parks. Even a little shopping expedition too.

But enough of me drowning on, here a few pics to be getting on with!

Just a few of the (nice) random items that would appear on your bed each day.

The port where we set off on our Whale Shark adventure.

My two sailors preparing for the swimming.

Such huge but graceful creatures.

Please excuse the messy hair and obvious no make up!
(And thats just Andy!)

Me saying Hi!

No comments on the bottom, thank you!

The beautiful lagoon we stopped for lunch.

More Mexico to follow soon.

And I must say a huge hello to all my new followers, I shall visit you all soon I promise.

Now to catch up on all your blogs!

X x


  1. Amazing photos, Mexico sounds fantastic!! :)

  2. awww wow such gorgeous photos and that sea looks so beautiful.

    Amazing xx

  3. Beautiful pictures, that blue sea and perfect sky are making me very envious. x

  4. oh that water is so blue and clear!

  5. OMG i would love to go there one day! Looks amazing!

  6. Ahhh I am insanely jealous! Cold weather has already set in here and Mexico looks like a dream.

  7. That looks! I'm so jealous, I've always wanted to visit Mexico... looking forward to seeing more x

  8. wow, it looks amazing, sounds like you had a fab time x

  9. The pics of the whale shark are just amazing!!! What an experience of a lifetime!!!


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