Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mexico The Final

As you may all be a little sick of seeing Mexico photos I promise this will be my last post on it!

I just had to share my photos from our trips to XPlor and a Tulum.

XPlor is great adventure play ground for all ages having 2 different zip wire course, 2 amphibious circuits, 2 rafting circuits and a stalagmite swim also.

For anyone going to Mexico I would say this was a must do. 

 This giant heart beats, you can feel it as well as hearing it.
It always brings you back to the centre (heart!) of the park!

Thats Ash on the right and me on the left.

It was such good fun on the water landings as you sat in mini hammocks.

Ash splashing down.

That splash in the back ground is me!
 The zip wires were incredible and I don't like heights! They were so high over the park that the view was fantastic. Very scary stepping on to the edge ready to fly off!

A very scary looking me! It's actually kind of freaky as you swim through the caves and see bats flying around.

You can see how tight it was in areas.

Some parts reminded me of decent, if any one has seen that film.

Ash and I

Don't we look special in our hats!
 The caves were incredible. Very atmospheric as they were lit up so gently.
It was a little freaky as the bats flew around.
A very dark rafting picture.
Rafting was hard work! Not in itself but more due to the other people trying to knock you out of the way!
I found a great way round this and stayed at the very back of the group.

Andy driving over a scary rope bridge.
I love how you can see the reflection of me taking the picture in the rear view mirror.

My turn driving through a water fall.
(I didn't like to tell them that I closed eyes!)
 XPlor with out a doubt was one of the highlights of our holiday.
A real family adventure day.

My first tip if you go is take swim shoes with you.
We had shoegate, as Ashleighs swim shoe came off as she hit the water on one of the water landings on the zip wire. She got it back though.

And my second would be cover up. Not only with tshirts but think about your swim wear too.
We has what my family now call Bikini gate! Lets just say that as you are very safe and secure in your harness to do the zip wires your bikini bottoms, if not skin tight may move! As you fly through the air legs akimbo you may find yourself flashing what you don't wish to flash! Ash is scared for life, whilst any found it highly amusing. (god I hope nothing appears on you tube!)

The second trip to share was to the ruins of Tulum. 
One of the most beautiful places I have seen.

I wouldn't want to be thrown down those steps!

It really is picture postcard beautiful.

Even the iguanas loved the place.

The beach was just incredible.

Look at the colour of the sea.

A perfect cliff top to pose for a picture.

This is the way all sight seeing should be done in my opinion!
Such a stunning place. Much less crowded that Chichen Itza but just as beautiful. Plus you get to swim and sunbath on the gorgeous beach.  A great way to cool down after sight seeing in such a heat.

I can truly understand why my two fell helplessly in love with Mexico.

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  1. I must admit that the second set of photos are much more my cup of tea. As fun as the adventure stuff looks, I just don't think I could be bothered! Far too energetic for holidays. I like to spend my time exploring cultural places and soaking up the atmosphere so the ruins look far more my thing.

  2. The beach looks beautiful. That picture of you in your bikini is fab. x

  3. Adding Mexico to must visit list!

  4. Wow, that looks such fun! And I think that's the bluest sea I've ever seen! Gorgeous x


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