Sunday, 25 September 2011

Scruffy Sunday!

Sunday is a day of rest in our house.

I did not go to church, (sorry) as a lie in was called for.
Nor are we going on any brisk walks up large hills, as I am a little nervous coming down them whilst my wrist is healing. 

Instead we are chilling, well I am anyway!

Hubby shall be cooking for all the family as it's our turn for lunch this week.
(so it may all become a little stressful later)

As I am not leaving the comfort of my own home my outfit is this,
Top - Thrifted
Shorts - Top shop 

The house is toasty and I am so comfy.

As for my choice of footwear well!
Super comfy slippers.
 While they may not be everyones cup of tea,

 they are oh so soft and comfy.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday to.

X x


  1. How is your eye? Love those comfy booties x

  2. Love the print on your top, Trayci! x

  3. Hi there!! A lovely choice outfit for lounging, the slippers look comfy indeed! Have a good week ahead too xx

  4. Hehe! I love a good pair of cosy slippers. It's freezing here today - I've got a giant dressing gown on over my normal clothes to try and keep warm.

  5. i thrifted a blouse almost like yours! so pretty! love it =)


  6. My eye is much better thanks hun. Can see which is a bonus!

    X x


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