Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Outfit For Chilling

I woke up this morning with a sticky eye.

I think it is due to a broken contact lens, at least I hope it is.
If it turns out to be conjunctivitis I am screwed, as hubby is allergic to the treatment.

Any hoo, as I have a day just chilling I decided on this to be my outfit.

A really comfy dress.

A flowing dress from Primark.

It will be great for the winter with layers too.

I love the sleeves, which also cover up my plaster nicely too.

I look like I am about to spring into a Russian dance!

Not very practical mind!

Well it's not like I can do any chores is it.

Excuse the no make up look, but I needed to keep my make up safe incase I have got a manky eye!

And simple shoes to finish the outfit off.
Please excuse the chipped nail varnish and healing bite on my leg!

What are you or have you been unto this weekend?

X x


  1. I love that dress on you it suits you and it has mini wings too.Hope that wrist of yours stops hurting soon and that the icky eye goes away,

  2. Hi love the dress it really suits you. You still have a lovely holiday colour too. Hope your wrist heals quickly xx

  3. love the bell sleeves!


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