Monday, 26 September 2011

Another Busy Week

Yep the week ahead is definitely one of those.

A two day course on Innovation and Creativity covers Monday and Tuesday.

Staying at the Premier Inn
And whilst I am looking forward to it, I am not looking forward to staying away from home because of my broken wrist. It makes packing outfits a nightmare, what can I do up, pull up etc.  It's not like I can go asking for help to dress or undress! Luckily I have a lift to the venue but will have to catch the train back so I also have to think about carrying things one handed too.

Another meeting in Barnsley Wednesday. 
I don't have a clue where I am going!
Miles away from me and a three train journey to get there.

Yet another meeting Thursday in Gloucester,
The Beautiful Cathedral 
But thankfully I shall have a lift to and from the venue.

As for Friday I am getting my wrist X-rayed. 

To ensure all is well and having an admin day in preparation for the following week. 

Hope your week is a little calmer than mine.

X x
I feel shattered just talking about it.


  1. sounds like you need some weetabix! I think this make my week sound like a walk in the park. That's good, I guess.

  2. I'm shattered just thinking about your week x x

    Bring on the weekend

  3. A very busy but good day today The course so far was very interesting, let's see what tomorrow brings!

    X x

  4. Oh wow, I'm knackered just thinking about it! Are you coping ok with your wrist? At least all these hotel stays mean no cooking!

  5. I'm coping ok thanks Alex. Can't cook anyway at the moment (hubby might say at any time!) as I can't lift things or open things with one hand!

    Great having a meal cooked, but the down side is I can't cut anything up and when you are away with your peers you don't really want to ask them to cut your meat up! Had to think about what I could cope with, so curry it was.

    I have to say though that my colleagues have been so helpful and kind it has been touching.

    X x


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