Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Would You Adam And Eve It!!!

What's the saying about for every good thing that happens something shitty follows?!

Well if it's not a saying it needs to be!

For I have only gone and broken my wrist!

My right wrist and yes I am right handed!

(And can I just point out not one drop of alcohol had touched my lips either.)

The crime scene: My front door, as I was stepping out of it I fell.

The reason: This sweet looking thing ran between my feet.

But don't worry he is fine and fully forgiven too.

The result: I put my right hand out to protect my face and it twisted in ways that your wrist should never go!

I promptly picked myself up off the floor, because lets be honest you always feel a twonk incase anyone saw.  Rushed into hubby and said "put your shoes on I need to go to A&E I think I've broken my wrist" Then burst into tears.. ( I really don't do pain well!)

At accident and emergency, oh what delights you see, I saw the nurse, then waited an hour and a half for my X-ray and then another hour and a half to see the doctor.  Hubby was convinced I had just sprained it and that I was being a baby, however finally at 12.30 in the morning they confirmed it was broken and a temporary cast needed to be put on.

At 1am we left with me feeling sorry for myself but also justified that I hadn't just been a baby.

Yesterday I returned for my full plaster. You can have all sorts of colours too!

The manipulation back into position was horrid and I actually felt like I might pass out at one point but the nurse was lovely and made me feel much better.

The result is this:

A stunning red cast!
(It's my company colours so had to be done!)

No face could be shown  as it was hideous!

The cast is on for 6 weeks, no driving for 8.  Which considering I drive every where for work is a real bummer!

They wanted to sign me off work for 6 weeks but I have a few meetings I really don't want to let people down with so I will be taking it very easy instead.

My biggest upset?

Thinking how awful my tan will go under my plaster!
(how fickle am I?!)

Bless my sister who sent me a beautiful bunch of flowers to cheer me up.

Excuse the grainy photo is was taken at silly o'clock this morning on hubbies phone.

Now if you will excuse me I am off to attempt to get dressed, which is no easy task I can tell you..

X x


  1. Oh no you poor love.What a pain in more ways than one.
    Men aye?
    Hope you can stil do lots anyway and dont forget its nearly winter for you so the tan had to go anyway.I am so cheerful arent I? LOL well keep tuned to my blog soon hope it will make you smile and wil be doinga giveaway soon too.
    Hope your left hand is a good typing one.

  2. Oh honey! How awful, those fluffy creatures do have a habit of getting under your feet (but I can see he is too cute not to be forgiven).
    Hope you get on okay with the cast x

  3. Oh no. Hope you're doing ok. I broke my ankle a few years ago, and I remember the pain of them manipulating it back into place before putting the cast on vividly. I also went through 6 weeks of learning to shower/bathe in elaborate positions so as not to get the cast wet. At least you got to choose a cool colour - mine was boring white and, horror of horrors, I had to wear one of those NHS velcro sandals for 6 weeks with the cast!!

  4. Oh dear, poor you! I love the red cast. x

  5. Thanks guys.

    Luckily I am managing to type with my left hand, but please forgive any strange spelling!

    Quite right Nelly the tan had to disappear over winter anyway just sad to see it leave this way.

    X x

  6. Oh ouch. Sending wishes for fast healing x

  7. I'm sorry for you! how awful..

  8. oh no, what a disaster, you poor thing! I am such a pain wuss, I cry at the first sign of a twinge.
    Love your bright red cast. You'll find the 6 weeks whizz past and the cast will be off in no time x

  9. BOO FACE. I'm so sorry to hear about this!!!! At least you can rock the red cast! :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. omigoodnesss ive just seen this post!
    I broke my wrist 3 years ago when i went ice skating, so i know how you feel totally!
    I felt so helpless Kevin had to cut up my Christmas dinner like i was a child!


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