Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Bright Spark...

Today is a good day..

As at 6pm I then have not one, not two, not even three but FOUR whole days off!

And I can't flippin wait.

To day I wore a really bright dress.
(yes it did clash with the hair but who cares?)

Just to brighten up my day a little.

But the biggest issue has been my hair all day, due to being so full of static.

Just my hands near it made it do this!

The minute anyone has come near me its shot up into the air.
Honest I kid you not.

I expected sparks to fly at one point too.

Oh well at least it made the day interesting!

X x


  1. that's strange because my hair has been really static for the last month or so, cant figure out why!!

  2. That dress looks lovely with you hair!!!

  3. My hair is exactly the same at the moment. Have a lovely Easter.

  4. Mine's been driving me mad and both cats' fur is really static-y too, must be this mad weather! x

  5. I hope you've enjoyed the first of your four days! x

  6. I have been having static hair too its so annoying. Enjoy your time off x


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