Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Week Ahead....

So what delights do you have in store this week?

We should have had work, (not that is a delight in anyway!) work and more work.

Not that I've been in the past few days!
I didn't have a wink of sleep the other night, not any. So no way I was driving 2hours with no sleep even if it did mean a few unhappy people.

What better to wear on a sick day than a old comfy pair of jeans.

Also the strangest thing happened last night.
I was trying to get to sleep on the sofa (after being thrown out of my own bed, not that I am bitter... Much!) when the door bell rang. It scared the poop out of me.
I didn't open the door but I did look out the window and no one was around.

It freaked me out I can tell you.

And to add insult to injury I still have no voice at all today.
I sound like I have been at the helium.

No Contact lenses today, don't think my eyes could take it as they are so dry from lack of sleep.

I tried to call my boss and she put the phone down on my first call, thinking it was a prank caller!

But I do have something to look forward too, a weekend away.
(now that does make me smile)

Not that the site has been booked yet nor do we know quite where we intend to go, only a small detail really...
Just cause my shoes are flat doesn't mean they can't be pretty.

But we will sort that I am sure.

Makes going to work all that much easier, (if I were to be going that is!) knowing you can have a few days away at the end of it!

X x 


  1. I hope you feel better soon lovely and lets hope this weather improves for your weekend away x

  2. Hi hope that coughs getting better day by day. Thats a bit spooky the door bell going. Glad you didnt answer it.
    I think I would have ran back upstairs! forgetting the couch! I love flat shoes ,I have never worn heels.
    I love your flat ones
    Take it easy x

  3. try and slot in some you time m'dear,

    love your shoes xx

  4. Love those shoes I wore a similar pair to work today

    That is so freaky about the doorbell, things like that really scare me x

  5. Hi there-glad to hear you're on the mend and love those cute flatties! xx

  6. Glad to hear your feeling a bit better, try and just get some more rest lovely. Cute shoes xx

  7. Nothing like animal print flats to cheer you up.

  8. Hope you feel loads better soon and get that break organised. Those shoes rock! x


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