Thursday, 7 March 2013

Still Battling On...

Firstly thank you for your get well wishes.
(Yes Vix I blame the NEC aircon too!)

Whilst I am still feeling far from well, (in fact I feel rotten) as us ladies do, I am battling on.

I have to drive to HO today to have a meeting and collect a few items.
Not a journey I am looking forward too I can tell you.

One minute I am red hot the next freezing, so being sat in the car for 2 hours far from appeals.

Whilst I did go to work the past few days I have stayed local and went in with hubby.

Plus it meant I got to go and get my fringe trimmed at the local college, being able to see is always a good thing in my book!

And you know how much it cost me?

A whole £3, bargain.
Yes, I know I could have done it myself for free, but as even moving my arms hurts the thought of lifting them is not even an option.

And if hubby had done it I would have ended up looking like the child that cut it themselves!
(Admit it you did it too as a child. lol)

X x


  1. I really hope you make a speedy recovery. Well done on the hair cut bargain!

  2. Fab haircut bargain! I hope you feel better soon xx

  3. ah bless you. You are naughty battling on. Mind you its hard not to sometimes when there is stuff that just has to be done.
    Glad you can see now. My prescription for you is sofa,blankets, hot tea & plenty of choc choc!
    take care xxx look after yourself
    ps wedding fair for your baby . Maybe one day for me
    hope you are all ok x

  4. Poor you, I bet a cheapo trim made you feel a teeny bit better though! x

  5. Hi there-wishing you a speedy recovery, have a restful weekend-hopefully!


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