Thursday, 14 March 2013

All Best Plans And That!!!!

Would you believe it?!
( I bet you read that in Victor Meldrew voice)

Jumper - hubbies
Shirt - thrifted
Jeans - miss self ridge
Shoes - New Look

Well I would.

Andy is now as sick as a dog, nothing but generous me.
I do like to share, even those pesky sick germs.

Nice detailing on this next jumper of hubbies, he's not too keen so I am happy to wear it for him!

So no weekend away for us.

Just rest, rest and more rest me thinks.

Oh well.
Necklace - mother's day gift

On a positive note I'm feeling much better!
(Sorry Andy)

X x


  1. Ah bless you (& hubs). Thats always the way. Still you will be able to rest more ,inbetween being nurse .
    Thats great that you can go away again, thats a good benefit of your mobile xx

  2. What a shame! Hope he's a good patient and not a typical man 'flu sufferer or you may wish you'd gone on your own! x

  3. I used to love One Foot in the Grave lol

    Poor Andy hope he feels better soon.

    Love your green jeans x

  4. glad you're feeling better, shame about the weekend away, maybe someday soon!

  5. Damn! Glad you are feelingb etter though.


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