Monday, 25 March 2013

An Another Bites The Dust......

Weekend that is!

How fast do they fly by?

The great thing about this week not only is it a 4 day week but it's also payday at the end of this one.

Did any of you read this last week?

It made me chuckle as I have always been the sleepy one and now I have a reason to back it up!

Well have a great week, what ever you have planned.

X x


  1. Ha! I'll have to show this to my OH. I'm always so sleepy in the early evening.

    Gemma x

  2. When it comes to sleep you can't beat it as a beauty aid!

  3. Yes love sleep! Apart from waking early .I sleep like a log. I always think it must be so hard for people who suffer from insomnia.
    Hope you are getting lots of sleep!

  4. Right then I'm off to have a nana nap!

  5. I love the marilyn monroe quote that you have!


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