Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tasty Tuesday....

This week really is a busy week, with me not only at work all everyday but also out all but one evening too!

No I'm not out on the tiles every night honest, I'm actually out working.

(And yesterday started out as a poo day, so I can only hope that it isn't a sign of how the rest of the week will be!)

By Sunday I will be well and truly fit to drop.

So food has to be easy and quick.

Meals this week shall be:
  • Yesterday - Chilli Bake - cooked by Ash and Andy
  • Tuesday - Gammon and ratatouille
  • Wednesday - Casserole and jacket potatoes
  • Thursday - Chicken noodle soup and home made bread
  • Friday - Pasta and home made meat balls
  • Saturday - Pizza and salad
  • Sunday - Roast with all the trimmings
Thankfully the youngest will be able to prepare most of the food as she will be back first.

As for today I am working local so able to get away with casual attire.

Cardy - M & S
Top - H & M
Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Debenhams
Bright is the order of the day.

But a note to self: Do not go to bed with wet hair, other wise up ends up like this! and if you have no time to rewash it you have to look special all day......

X x


  1. Send some of that ratatouille down the road, will you? Love that blouse and your hair looks great! x

  2. Love your jeans what a great colour!

    mmmm cassrole and jacket spud...lush x

  3. love your nails and those fab bright trousers x

  4. Wow what a busy life you lead.
    Your hair looks fine to me.
    Don't work too hard and keep smiling.
    Jane X

  5. Hi love the shade of your jeans & love the top to,very nice .
    I like your hair like that .I have wavy hair,and I bat between having it straight ,curly.Can never make make my mind up
    Sounds like a busy week for you , take carex x


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