Saturday, 9 March 2013

Miserable And Wet.... And Thats Just Me!

I am finally getting to the end of this blasted cold.
Still I have red hot moments, which could be more to do with my age and less to do with the cold!
My nose is still streaming and eyes too.
And my ears still hurt a little.

But..... I did feel much better than I did.

And thankfully I know have two whole days off to chill and relax.

No allotmenting, even though I feel guilty knowing hubby is doing all the hard work.

And no rushing about doing housework and errands for everyone.
If they want something doing, they can do it themselves.

I have had a lie in till 9, lounged around in my dressing gown and enjoyed a spa like morning.
With a face mask and hair mask and will be painting my nails a little later to.

Well it is Mothers day tomorrow after all!

And the best thing is that my mom travels home from Italy tomorrow too!


So I have left cards flowers and chocolates ready to greet her when she walks in.

Enjoy your weekend what ever your plans.

X x

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