Wednesday, 13 March 2013

But Somethings Make You Smile....

Even when your not feeling 100% if you look hard enough you will always find something that makes you smile.

For me it was beautiful mothers day cards:
1st one form my youngest, 2nd from my niece and 3rd from my eldest

Fabulous gifts:

Beautiful flowers from my eldest and her boyfriend.

New Shoes, a mothers day gift from my youngest.

Loving them lots

A painting of me painted by by youngest.
The image she painted it from.

Even a tidy room or two.

And the thing that made me beam from ear to ear?

Finally having my mom home from Italy!

I felt like a child at the school gates waiting for that glimpse of your mommy.

I've missed her more than I knew and am so glad to have her home.

Now for some serious catching up.

X x


  1. Hi
    Well you are a fab mum & you deserve lots of love.
    Love the shoes too. That painting is fantastic & you can see that it is you( even though you told us!)
    Hope you had some lovely mum time with youre mum toxx
    ps hope you are feeling better to

  2. How lovely! The painting of you is amazing, she has such a talent x

  3. Those Mother's Day gifts are lovely. So thoughtful.

  4. What wonderful cards and gifts. Love the shoes, though I'd break my neck if I tried to walk in anything that high. Enjoy spending time with your mum.

  5. You got some lovely things honey and I love the picture of you! xx


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