Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Suddenly I'm Seeing Red.....

Seeing Red…

No I’ve not lost my temper and turned  into the incredible hulk!
(I although this has been known to happen on the odd occasion!)

I refer to my hair colour..

Out has gone the Mango..

And in its place is vibrant red..
Much to Andy’s disgust.

I must say I am not convinced, but I did receive lots of lovely comments from my colleagues at work.
My father in law promptly said he wasn't keen and my mother in law never even commented! 
Like you can't notice that it's different. I always find it strange how she never ever comments on any change either the girls or I make, be it good or bad.

So what’s your thoughts?

X x


  1. I love it, it really shows up your pretty blue eyes! x

  2. Love the new hair! Really suit you - what to father and mother in laws know anyway?! Sorry it's taken me a while to pop over but thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Avx

  3. I really love it, it looks lovely & it suits you. Brings your eyes out . Gorgeous shade too xx

  4. I think it looks great and it's nice to have a change even if you don't stick with it long term.

  5. I like it (mind you I am sat here typing with a new short-inspired-by-Ann-Hathaway-haircut which is pillar box red!) You need to treat yourself to a lovely green or electric blue top to really show off that red xx

  6. well I think it looks awesome, good for you x

  7. I love it. Mothers in law are very strange creatures aren't they! haha!

  8. Hi ur so hot th u for ur sexy posts hit me up

  9. I like it I think it suits you. Mothers in Law are odd! x


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