Friday, 19 April 2013

Thrifty Friday.....

I haven't done a freebies and frugality post style post in a long while.

Not because I haven't been frugal but more because I do it without thinking.
(Or at least I hope I do)

So what have I been doing?

  • Meal planning - so I only ever buy the food we need. (last weeks shopping bill was £28)
  • Walk - where ever possible. Pop to the post office, doctors etc (all close to home) I walk.  Pay an extortionate parking rate or park a little further and walk a bit, no brainer.
  • Use it up - be it food, toiletries or cleaning products. I buy what I need only.
  • Clothing - I shop my wardrobe regularly. Of course I would love to be able to buy endless shoes and clothes but that is not possible. Instead I look at fashion images I like and see what I have to emulate that outfit.
  • Up cycle - Again this works well with clothes and shoes. Well having a fashion student as a daughter is a bonus it has to be said!

As for my freebies etc this has been this weeks:

  • £35 voucher from a friend to spend with her party plan business, for the help I have given her.
  • 2 x £10 vouchers won on competitions
  • £30 from my 30 ways to save a £1 post.
  • Free lipstick and nail varnish, thank you boots points!
  • Free book from work.
Wanting something Free todo this weekend?

Well how about visiting a National Trust property, as this week selected one are FREE to enter.

Jus down the voucher from the National Trust site and enjoy!

What savings or freebies have you guys had recently?

X x


  1. I often use my boots points....great savings there x

  2. I try and save my boots points until I need something when I am a bit skint! I love a freebie and am also frugal with food and leftovers xx


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