Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Another Day, Another Dollar.... Well Pound Actually...

Another work day to pay the bills.
Yesterdays woes forgotten and todays tasks the main focus.

Smile as it confuses people.
That and it makes you look so much nicer I always think.
After all who wants to talk to a grumpy git?

Today has been spent in Cheltenham with people that make me laugh and have no concept of filtering the words their months come out with.

I must also update you on my lovely chucks.
The poor lady who had been attacked seems to be on the mend.
I am still keeping her separate during the day and only allowing them all together at night.
Lets hope they will all be friends again soon.

X x

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  1. Hi there-that is a really lovely dress, so smart and looks fab with the scarf. Sorry to hear your job news, last year I was gutted when I didn't get a job I was after but I view it that you are destined for something better and for me I was as i am now doing a new job I really love. Good luck with the job hunting, I'm sure the right one is out there for you and hopefully soon too xxx


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