Friday, 10 January 2014

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly....

Time to reflect on the week that was.

The Good
No new is good news

I finally heard back from my second interview to say they still haven't made a decision.
So keep your fingers crossed for me if you don't mind.

Having Ash home safe and sound

It doesn't matter how old they are you can't help but worry about them.
Silly I know.

The Bad
A washing machine malfunction

My washing machine has been playing silly sausages and has had to be replaced.

The Ugly

Its a new year with a positive outlook.
May the rest of 2014 be just as good.

X x


  1. Washing machines!!!! Hope you get yours replaced soon x

  2. Fingers crossed for the job,everything in my house decided to fail over Christmas so far dishwasher has been replaced but lots more to go.Even my roof started to leak and OH is a roofer ( doesnt mean its been repaired though)


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