Friday, 17 January 2014

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly....

Yet another week of 2014 has passed us by and thankfully its now the weekend.
A time to relax, well catch up with all the things I didn't quiet get round to during the week so not much relaxing.

Her are my high lights for this week.

The Good
Getting my new washing machine

I can finally get my washing done.

The Bad
Not getting the job

But as many of you have said it was just not meant to be.
Lets hope something amazing awaits just round the corner.

My first washing machine not fitting

Hubby ordered the first machine for us and it was far too big for the gapI had.
Whilst it was a disaster as the company were very good in exchanging it over it did mean a 4 day wait to get a machine.  And I don't know what its like in your house but ours the washing soon piles up.

The Ugly
The poor Chicken

It seems they have had yet another disagreement and the poor girl is looking very hen pecked.
I am still keeping her separate and hoping this will give her time to heal.

So hows your week been?

X x


  1. Sorry to hear the bad news but glad your washing machine finally fits.

  2. Sorry to hear they lost out on giving you the job, they made a bad call on that front. Something good will crop up for you soon I'm sure x

  3. Well jel of your washing machine, the bearings have gone on mine and it has been making more noise than concorde for about 6 weeks now! x

  4. Sorry you didn't get the job - but as they say as one door closes...
    Hope your chicken is better soon, she is looking rather sorry for herself!
    Yay for new white goods - my new freezer arrived this week and I found it so ridiculously exciting!


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