Monday, 3 March 2014

Feeling Fragile...

After a busy weekend I am feeling a little fragile today.
Nothing serious, just a stomach ache (from hell) which began at 2.30 this morning resulting in me being wide awake from 3.20am this morning.

I did a fair bit of baking over the weekend:

What became ice buns, short bread, banana bread and one of two bake well tarts.

Far too much standing an moving things, totally my own fault.

And then a very busy day yesterday with lunch for 10 people.

And even though Andy, Ashleigh and her boyfriend cooked I couldn't help myself but poke my nose in far too much.

Added to this shorty after were:
Another bake well tart, Viennese rolls Jam tarts and mince pies.

Today I feel I am paying the price, so I have had my feet up, lots of cups of tea and biscuits and a day spent with my mom.

Hoping to feel better tomorrow.

X x


  1. I hope by tomorrow you are feeling loads better. I've had a fragile day too, having also been awake since the early hours! xx

  2. Oh no, get your feet up and rest up! Feel better soon. x

  3. Hi there! Your baking looks delicious and wishing you a speedy recovery xxx

  4. Hope you're feeling better soon. all the baking looks delicious but you should be resting!

  5. I was going to say...are you allowed to do all that standing? Your body may be saying not. x

  6. Sorry to hear that. Get Well soon.
    Jane X

  7. that's a lot of baking for someone that's supposed to be resting!! it's hard though isn't it, to stop doing stuff, but you should, before you have no choice xx


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