Thursday, 27 March 2014

Home Alone....

Our house has been fairly quiet without both of the youngsters here.
(They are sunning themselves in Egypt lucky beggars)
Nice, but quiet.

Dress - Adsa
Top - River Island
Shoes - New Look

And today thats just what I needed.
With a tummy ache that's made me feel rather off sorts all I have done is watched pants tv and sorted/listed more items to get me closer to that 1000 items challenge.

After all one mans junk is another mans treasures, as they say.

So the total listed now sits at 238
Only 760 to go

And total money made at £526
(Two more items sold)
Not bad as at the moment it means an average sale sits at just over  £9.

How is everyone else doing?

X x


  1. You look beautiful in this classic striped dress. I can't believe how much money you are making - it is now definitely encouraging me to follow your lead.

    #Linking up from #Welcometotheweekend

  2. Lovely in stripes! What I wouldn't do for a beach at the moment, this cold weather's killing me!

  3. Beautiful dress, love the stripes :) aww a warm sunny beach is just what I need !!
    Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop..

  4. Still haven't listed anything lol! Make the most of the quiet and try not to think about all the washing when they get back xx

  5. You look very sophisticated in that dress.


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