Monday, 10 March 2014

Monday Bloody Monday....

Gosh another week already.
And my lot are far from happy to see Monday already, to me it makes no odds.

Back to the blue again.

Andy has been working since Friday last week and will be working for 7 days solid, poor bloke.
And the kids just hate getting up.
Mind you at 18 I don't think I was much different.

Dress - ASOS (Old)
Cardigan - Gap (Old)
Shoes Dorothy - Perkins (Old)

My week has got a few challenges in it, more to be revealed at a later date.
(Intrigued aren't you?)

As for today I shall be doing yet more listing for my 1000 item challenge
Listed items are still at 70 with 930 still to go, as I had the weekend off.
How ever total sales are now at £153 as a few more items have sold.

So far averaging at £30 an item, it shows it is worth decluttering your unused possessions.

Today my lovely mother in law has taken me shopping for food basics, as Andy just hasn't had chance.

I felt so bad watching her push the trolley, lift bottles of pop, pack everything away and carry it in and out of the car.
I will be so glad when I can lift things myself.

X x


  1. That blue is very really suits you x

  2. Replies
    1. Thought you might Vix, it;s one of your favourites.

      X x

  3. Inspired by you I am putting 3 items a day on ebay - saving up for a yoga holiday in the sun.

    1. Brilliant. I hope you manage to sell lots ready for that yoga holiday. Sounds heavenly.

      X x

  4. Your doing great with the challenge, love the blue, whoo and your nails :)


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