Saturday, 8 March 2014

Why Thank You Ilona.....

Today I received the most wonderful parcel.

A stunning bag from Ilona over at Mean Queen .
She has a fabulous blog that you must check out if you haven't already.
Not only is she incredibly talented, I mean just look at this bag!
But she is witty, frugal to a T and never wastes anything.

The bag was made by her own fair hands.

And the photos do not do it justice.

Beautiful colours and a bright red lining.

Thank you Ilona for being so kind.
To say I love it is an understatement.
I even used it straight away to take a few eBay parcels to the post office.

And I think it matches my outfit perfectly.

Did I say how much I love it?
Well just in case you didn't quite catch it, I will say it again.
I love it!

Thank you.
X x


  1. Lovely bag - and fab butterfly top too! Have a great weekend

  2. Hi my dear! What a thoughtful and kind gift which is totally gorgeous too! Xx

  3. What a fabulous bag. I'm always in awe of anyone who can sew, a talent which has passed me by I'm afraid.

  4. Lovely bag and so kind of Ilona.
    I want to know if you had many compliments on the bag while you were out?

    1. Hi Jan, yes they did. As I stood in the post office queue. The colours really are amazing, it is very love.

      X x

  5. Aww that is a beautiful bag, so sweet of her :) great top, love butterflies ...


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