Friday, 23 September 2011

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Firstly let me apologise for the sporadic posting this week.

It has been a very busy one and I must admit that with a painful wrist and been doped on pain killers has somewhat dampened my spirts a little.  Because of this it has been nice to read all of your blogs rather than sound a little like "woe is me" by posting on my own.

That said normal service should all been well return next week.

Back to this week, well heres my high and low lights of the week.

The Good
Hubby for cooking and cleaning.

Ashleigh for  cooking, making me laugh, helping with girly stuff and even tidying her room!

Kassie for keeping my spirits up, doing all my ironing for me and even ferrying me round like I used to for her all those years ago.

Again they have been my back bone this week, helping with the tasks we all take for granted, picking me up when I've felt down and giving me a good old talking to it thats been whats needed!

Winning an award
Still an achievement I am very proud of.

Can't believe this picture was projected onto a massive screen for all to see!

We had our Christmas conference at work this week,in which we find out how the company is doing as well as the game plan for Christmas to. At these conferences we hand out awards to people for excelling the company values as well as managing above and beyond with sales figures.

At this one both Andy and I were called up to receive an award for one of the values, Showing We Care.(including a bottle of champagne too!)
This came about due to the facts we organised the Three Peaks challenge in aid of Age UK raising over £4,000 to which the company will match pound for pound.

I have to admit to being really proud as well as a little special, (and not in a good way!) as I had to walk up with my arm in a sling!
I can complete climbing three of the UK's biggest mountains with out injury and brake my arm falling out the door!

The Bad
Painful Wrist
Looking a little more worn now!
I stupidly thought that by now my wrist would be feeling so much better and thats just not the case!
I am still having to take the pain killers and I am also due to go for another scan in order to check it is healing correctly.

Feeling useless

Whilst everyone has been so helpful to me I feel like a toddler all over again!
I have been very resourceful for example taking my iPad in order to make notes at meetings, (clever eh!) as I can't write. But it's still annoying having to ask someone to open your bottle of water or sandwiches for you!

The Ugly
Removing people from your seat

Now this might sound like a strange one but as I have wanted to still get as much of my work done as possible rather than being off for 6 weeks, (crazy I know!) I have been catching trains to the majority of my meetings. Most of these meetings are miles away and include a 2 hour,3 hour or even an longer journey to reach my destination.  Because of this I have been pre booking train tickets in order to get a seat to get pc work done in preparation. On my last train journey after I had paid £40 for my ticket the car was full with peoples even standing in the isles.  After locating my seat, in which a rather stern looking lady was sat I very politely told her that I believed that was my seat. Her reply was "and? Someone else was I'm mine to!" Now I was in pain after my wrist being knocked by commuters and not really in the mood to have to justify why I required my seat, neither did I feel I should have to. My reply was a simple " well I'd like mine thank you"
Oh my life, she made such a scene, huffing puffing swearing. As for me, I was very calm and polite. The funny thing was she then went and threw the person out of her seat and prompt got off the train at the next station after all of 10 minutes tops.  If I had been traveling one station down I truly wouldn't have had an issue and while the situation made me laugh it also made me a little disappointed in peoples behaviours too!

(Blimey that was rather wordy wasn't it!)

Well thats been my week.

Hows yours been?

X x


  1. ha ha good on you for making her shift some people are just vile and nasty.

    Poor you I hope your wrist starts to feel better soon xx

  2. Hi! Just dropped by from Frugal Queen's blog!

    I, too, love making people shift on the subway when they think they can take two seats!

  3. That wrist of your sshould not be still sore after all this time I hope your getting it checked soon you poor thing.Good on you sticking up for yourself with the seat.I cant even imagine living where I had to commute via trains like that.

  4. Thanks guys.

    Welcome Jake.

    I am getting my wrist x rayed next week Nelly to check it is healing as it should.

    X x

  5. Oh you poor thing! I'm so far behind with blog commenting that I totally missed the news about your arm. Ouch!

    I'd have done exactly the same as you in the train. She should have asked the other person to move, not just nicked your seat instead. The cheek of some people.


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