Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Special Gifts

As you know my handbag (that I loved!) got stolen from my car along with my laptop.

Hubby bless him, decided to cheer me up by buying me a replacement and to be fair the boy did good!

It fits in all of my paperwork, Filofax, perfume, lippy, wipes, tissues, purse, phone and iPad (which is the only way I can make notes at the mo) It will even fit in my laptop too.

Of course you can't have a new bag with out a new purse and again it was a great choice.

What a great gift.

X x


  1. aww how nice of hubby. Hope your ok xx

  2. How thoughtful, it looks a nice big bag, too. x

  3. what a gorgeous bag! i'm sad your bag got pinched though, what a shame :(

  4. Your man done good! I've got mine spotting Mulberry bags these days - on my lottery wishlist - but he's yet to attempt buying a bag.


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