Sunday, 20 November 2011

Blanket Uses!!!

No I am not really wearing a blanket honest!

I imagine this skirt is just as warm as wearing one would be and very comfy.

It has loads of material and you wouldn't want to wear it on a windy day or you might be flashing next weeks washing if you get what I mean?! 

Top - Cashmere jumper M & S (Gift a few years ago)
Skirt - George at Asda (years old)
Boots - New Look

Yet again another outfit shopped from my own wardrobe and not a penny spent.
I even have my glasses on so saving on my contact lenses too.

X x


  1. That's a fab skirt, it really suits you. x

  2. love it :) looks really comfy!

  3. Oh I used to have a skirt like this. . . really miss it, yours looks lovely x

  4. LOVE that skirt, it looks so snug and warm.

  5. The skirt's got such a nice hemline to it :)


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