Monday, 14 November 2011

Restoring Faith

Today I attended a meeting at a store I don't often visit.  In my usual fashion I parked at the local car park and tried to work out my bearings. I usually see people carrying bags that give me a good idea where to head but today I saw none, instead I asked a lady to direct me.

This kind lady rather than direct me actually walked with me to the store even though she must have been 200 yards from her car, as she didn't want me to get lost!  How kind is that!

One good dead deserves another as they say and this lovely lady restored faith in human nature of me today.  Thank you for being so kind.

Heres what I wore for my meeting.

Trousers/Jacket - River island (years old)
Top - River island (thrifted)
Shoes - New look.
(Trousers are never my favourite but it felt rather chilly and I needed to keep warm.)

So what good deeds have you either received or given of late?

X x


  1. I love the colour of your shirt X

  2. stories like this really restore my faith in the world

  3. Ah that's really nice. I walked an old lady's shopping suitcase home for her a couple of weeks ago but the blessing was all mine as she shared some amazing wisdom with me.

  4. Love your blue blouse. I am always reluctant to engage with others, but I do try to help people (even) shorter than myself to reach products on high shelves.

  5. Oh that's lovely. I can't actually think of anything at the moment'm sure there's something but nothing is coming to mind!

  6. Heyy! I've given you an award! Check it out:

  7. I went to the charity shop I bought my clock from a couple of weeks ago, it's not in our town and I've only been there twice in my life but the manager had put some stuff aside for me in the hope I'd call again. How sweet was that?
    Great smart look. x


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