Sunday, 27 November 2011

Happy Sweet 16th My Baby Girl

Today my Ashleigh Mae is 16 years old.

It seems unreal as I am sure it was only 5 minutes since she was born!

In celebration we shall be attending a show on broadway, (yet to be decided on time of writing!) going for a fancy meal at the four seasons and over all treating her like a true princess.

And finally retreating to a New York apartment for a night cap with Michael, our very own New Yorker who we are staying with.

And to think I spent mine at home with my mates, my how times have changed!

Happy Birthday Ashleigh Mae.

X x


  1. Hi my dear!! Wishing Ashleigh Mae a very Happy Birthday and I hope you are both having a really fabulous time in New York too xxx

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I think she will always remember this special birthday with you. Have a great time x x x

  3. Happy birthday! She definitely takes after you - such a pretty girl.


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