Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Just Call me Barbara!


Well because that seems to be my new nick name!

Can anyone remember the good life?
(don't fib I bet you can!)

Well as I have been trying to live as thrifty as I can my new addition has ensured that I can now do it covered in mud too!
Just hoe (how, get it?) Andy and I look!

I am the proud owner of an allotment!

This is after the hard work. It now has a path (more to follow) and a compost bin.
Not a full size but a half and I for one am well chuffed.

We went to tidy it up a little, taking down canes that had once had beans on and dug over half of the ground.

Our findings were fab!

We dug up a sack full of white potatoes, half a sack of red and a bag full of swedes!

We also have masses of strawberry plants so I have taken a few runners off and popped them in the greenhouse.

We planted our freebie onion and garlic that we had given to us last week too.

I am a very happy lady!

But just because I have spent time covered in mud, it doesn't mean I have lost any of my passion for fashion! (my fashion that is!)

So here is my outfit for today;

Trousers - Pull and bear, (purchased last year)
Vest top - Primark, (old)
Cardigan - Bay Trading (very old)

I love the crochet detail at the back of the cardigan.

To keep me warm out side I added my Tesco jacket and my Primark scarf.

To finish the outfit a pair of pixie boots.
My eldest brought me these when she first started working years ago from Dorothy Perkins.

I really like the detailing on them.

And no, I didn't wear this to the allotment!
X x


  1. Don't get mud on those fab booties!! How exciting, an allotment. Our crops are garden grown and not too good this year, the tomatoes and rocket were the most successful. x

  2. Love the jacket. allotments are a great way to save some pennies XX

  3. Hi love the cardigan & outfit. Well done on your allotment. Cant wait to see your harvest very soon. How exciting, watch your back to x x

  4. How exciting to get an allotment. I'm glad you didn't wear those boots down there, they're gorgeous.

  5. oooh I'm jealous of your allotment! Love the cut of your trousers x

  6. I love the Good life! I adored Felicity Kendall as a child! We had an allotment when I gew up! Put your children to work on it- they'll be healthy and learn and have lots of fun wiht the water!!! (Well that's my experience of it!!)

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  9. you're so pretty :) love the blog. following you <3

  10. That is hard work but pays off! Great boots!



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