Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Shameful Shoes!

My dearest daughter informed me this morning that she thinks its time for some new school shoes.

Nothing unusual you might think, children get through tonnes of pairs, well mine does.

You can imagine my horror when she revealed why!

Only holes in both shoes.
I mean I know we might be being thrifty but I would never expect her to be walking round in shoes with holes in.

I am such a bad mother!

So off we go today to get new school shoes, so she can have dry feet once more!

X x


  1. Oh what a sweetheart - why didn't she say something sooner!
    Good luck shopping for shoes - it was always hell school shoe shopping with my Mum... even now we still can't agree on shoes!

  2. they are pretty school shoes(minus the holes), mine used to be so horrible! X

  3. Oh gosh, my school shoes looked far worse than that before I owned up to needing a new pair!

  4. Wow... She certainly got lots of wear from them! Hope she finds a new pair she loves!! :)

  5. I went to school with holey shoes the last year of my school life.Mum was on a pension bringing up 2 kids so I knew she couldnt afford geting me more.I just put plastic inside on rainy days didnt help much tho lol and yes sometimes stood on sharp rocks lol and no my kids and grandies have never gone holey shoed but wouldnt hurt them maybe they would appreciate things

  6. ha ha lol she def needs some new ones.

    I can remember a time when people only had 1 or 2 pairs of shoes, a good pair for smart and a casual pair for play...funny how times change xx

  7. Oops! Got my littlies feet measured finally and discovered he'd been wearing shoes 2 sizes too small (I think they'd stretched though)

    Nice school shoes though, shame they've died!


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