Sunday, 13 November 2011

Freebies And Frugality Of The Week....

It has been really interesting keeping track of what I have saved over the week and whilst it started off really well it has slowed down some what over the past week.  

That said heres what I have saved this week;

  • Milage claimed back for work.  Claimed £70
  • Parking claimed back for work. Claimed £22
  • Parked away from hospital for Physio. Saved £3
  • Meal out and wine. Saved £20
  • Free cooked breakfast. Saved £6
  • Lunches made for all of us rather than buying. Saved £45!
  • Free teas/coffees from stores and mince pies/ biscuits. Saved £6, but ruined the waist line!
  • Free pair of walking boots for the allotment. Saved £35
  • Free raspberry bushes for the allotment.  Saved £6
  • Yet more free potatoes this time from our garden.  Saved £3
  • Wearing my glasses on days off/admin days, saving on contact lenses. A simple yet effective saving technic.
Total saving £216

Unfortunately we have had a big spend week too. 
  • Greenhouse for allotment. £70 (although new would have cost us £200, so still saving £130)
  • Repairs to a leaky garage roof £12 (but if done professionally would have cost £70+)
So to be fair it could have been much worse!

Well lets hope I can have a none spend week next week instead.

X x


  1. interesting post!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  2. what else do you grow in your garden besides potatoes? i'd love to grow my own crops too :) hope that you have a great week ahead of you, dear!

    xx jamie

  3. We grow tomatoes, sweet corn, courgettes, carrots to name but a few things. All very easy and yummy too.

    X x


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