Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sods Law!

Blimey I have only just been allowed back behind the wheel and the minute I am I get a speeding ticket!


Yes I was speeding, so fair cop.

And no, I shouldn't have been.

I was rushing to get Ashleigh from school as she had had a heart palpitation and wasn't well.
(no I wasn't tanking it, but I was doing 40 in a 30 and yes that is irresponsible)

So I have sent off my details, rather sad considering I have been driving for 23 years and never had any thing on my licence before and now I shall wait to see what happens.

To quote my hubby:
"You silly billy!"

Ho Hum.

Nothing much I can do now but wait and see what happens.

So I shall leave you with the daily outfit of a criminal!

X x


  1. awww hun i really feel for you i got caught last week too heres my post

    Im gutted as i was only just over ive only had my licence 2 months eekk!

  2. oh no! what luck :( my grandad was caught speeding recently, and he is the slowest driver in the world!! 34 in a 30 zone or something silly!

  3. Least you have donated to the policemans ball as did I last year as did hubby and daughter this year.and no we are usually always legal but you know what happens lol

  4. Thats annoying we got one on our way to a mortgage appointment once that we were going to be late for( the appointment was meant to be saving us money!)x

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  6. Don't know why my outfit didn't show! Must be far too incriminating to show! Never mind.

    Thanks for your comments guys. Fancy getting one on the way to a mortgage appointment, gutting!

    X x

  7. hiya

    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog you are very kind

    Oh no what a shame x

  8. Oh that's really rubbish considering you were really worried about Ashleigh!


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