Sunday, 6 November 2011

Freebies And Frugality Of The Week....

Well lets be honest last week was a blinder  and would be hard to top but heres how this week went;

  • Car parking for work all claimed back. £26.20 back.
  • All fuel claimed back. £90 back
  • Coffees for meeting in new town during a site visit all claimed back £6 back.
  • No parking for hospital appointment, again I walked the extra to save the pennies. Approximatley £3 saved
  • No birthday cake purchased, cupcakes made instead.  Approximately £7 saved.
  • Free lunch/breakfast during store opening.  Approximately £7 saved.
  • Free lunch from local bakery £6 saved.
  • Closed old phone account down requesting money back.  £5 back.
  • Free onion sets given to us.  £3 saved.
  • Free garlic bulbs given to us.  £4 saved.
  • Free bonfire and fireworks display for four of us.  £20 saved.
  • Cut hubbies hair at home. £7 saved.
  • Rubber Chicken. (not literally!) £4 produced 4 meal for 3 of us. Not to sure on the saving.
  • Wearing my glasses on days off/admin days, saving on contact lenses. A simple yet effective saving technic.
Total saved/claimed  approximately £100.

Not bad eh!

The only big expenditure we had this week was a meal out for Kassies birthday costing us £37. However I wouldn't have miss it at all.

Anyone got any huge savings they have made this week?  Or even tips on how to save more for next week?

X x


  1. Hi well done. Looks like you are on a roll!. Its amazing when you get in to the right mode. Some very good savings made . Have a lovely evening X X

  2. this is great, you're doing so well x

  3. oh yes, i need to hang out with you girl!

    xx jamie

  4. The contact lenses idea on your day off is inspired, well done! x

  5. wow this is great! i spent a fortune on a weekend away, but mum payed for the hotel and dinners so that was 175 saved! haha

  6. Wow that's a good saving! I have started using a facial wash instead of face wipes and cleansers with cotton pads which saves a little each month. Also having a cold means no petrol used for work and I didn't eat much but that's rather extreme hehe!
    Keep up the good work x

  7. Hi there! Wow, you're making great progress, keep it up xx

  8. I LOVE this. Im a massive bargain hunter and I love finding deals :)

    I spent alot but I'd like to think my searching around for deals off-sets it abit:)

    look on if you havent already - I'm addicted :)x


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