Saturday, 19 November 2011

Freebies And frugality Of The Week.

This week has with out a doubt been a painful one.
You know the kind I mean, the ones smack bang in the middle of pay day?

Heres how my week panned out.

  • Petrol claimed. £90
  • Parking claimed. £24
  • Parked car away from hospital and walked in. Saved £3
  • Parked for free at a local supermarket and walked into town for my meeting. Saved £8! and had a little extra exercise too!
  • Free lunch at 2 meetings. Saved £7
  • Fab freebies received courtesy of Laura. 
  • Packed lunches taken in for days lunch not provided. Saved £9
  • Borrowed a book from the library rather than buying it.  Saved £6
  • Given lettuce, cucumber, chilli etc from our new friends at the allotment, bless em. Saved £5
Again quite a positive week with a saving of  £152!

I'm well chuffed.
(now if only I could get my water heating fixed for free!)
X x


  1. Wow £152 saved this week, I am impressed! I think I need to take some tips, I am tragically poor! £2 to my name!

  2. Great blog and I follow you now via google friends connect.
    If you like, follow me back. It would make me very happy ;)


  3. great job! A lovely chap gave us his parking ticket today, very generous, saved us a bunch!

  4. well done on your savings this week. I have popped some things on ebay at the beginning of the week. They are going to finish today needed the cash. Its amazing how not working at the moment how I have not spent hardly a coin compared to when I do work & spend. Staying away from shopping centres is a good idea to!
    Hope your wrist is ok to x

  5. You need to get one of the girls fixed up with a plumber! x


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