Sunday, 20 May 2012

Award Time...

A huge thank you to Gem from a musings of a gem for nominating me.

Here's my post that goes with it...

1. Favourite colour?

I think this would have to be red.  I've always been partial to red shoes. (No comments on no knickers please!)

2. Favourite number?

Number 2, because it makes me giggle. (I'm such a child) and number 31.

3. Favourite animal?

Well if I didn't say a cat I think dear whiskas would fall out with me big style.

4. Favourite non-alcoholic drink?

Non alcoholic!!!! Do such things exist? Is it too boring to say tea?

5. Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter?

I have been a Facebook geek for a long time but I am slowly getting into twitter.

6. What is my passion?

Family would have to be top of the list.

Followed closely by shoes! Shallow I know.

7.  Do I prefer giving or receiving?

(Is to so wrong this sentence makes me smirk?) The older I've got it now has to be giving.

8. Favourite patterns?

I'm liking floral at the moment.

9. Favourite day of the week?

Well it has to be Friday doesn't it?!

10. Favourite flower?

Lilies. I had them in my wedding bouquet and think they are stunning, but I can't stand the smell.

I think most people have been linked to this so I shall leave it to you if you would like to take part.

X x


  1. pick me pick me!! lol

  2. I'm with you on Fridays, shoes, family and Lilies although I love Roses and Peonies too!

  3. I'm ever so behind in commenting! Love your fabulous red shoes and I'd love to tickle Whiskas's tum, he's lovely!
    Glad your characatures arrived safely.
    Glad you liked my trip to Wolves. There's some fabulous posh gear in the charity shops, Liz found some amazing bargains for work. x

  4. Lillie's are my favorite flowers as well. Congrats on your award

  5. You gott to be the first girl who hates shopping!XD

    Interesting read, your blog!:)

    Maybe we could follow each other?xoxo
    Shubhi's Revels!


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