Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hey you,Wait A Minute Mr Postman.....

Now if I am totally honest the postman is never normally a man I like to see.

Not thats he's not a nice man, I am sure he is, I just don't like the bills he tends to leave me!

But over the past week or so he has left me some rather nice post.
(Please may it continue?)

Here was what he brought me the other day;

A beautiful gift from Next..

The official Paralympic scarf..

Now came the hard part, how to style it?

Well for my favourite I would need so nice weather, which as we all know has been rather slim on the ground of late..

But for a summers day this would be perfect.

However seeing as today is most certainly not one of those here is how I actually wore it;

I had lots of complements on the scarf, so thank you Next.

X x


  1. I love the look of this! xx

  2. I love that scarf worn as a halter, what a stylish way to fly the flag! x

  3. I never shop at Next. I might have to start if they send you freebies.


  4. love your styling. The flag itself is a fab design too x

  5. Lovely scarf that - the colours really suit you, too, Trayci x

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  7. You look wonderful, the large size is fabulous and lots of lovely things can be done with it. Love how you styled it!! :)


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