Saturday, 12 May 2012

Don't Panic Mr Mannering!!!!!

Our house has fallen into sheer panic!

In fact I think my youngest is truly beside herself...

The reason for said panic?

Would you believe it's all down to a broken Sky+ box?!

Yes we have no television as such..

But we do have iplayer on our laptops and iPads,

Apple Tv,

as well as Netflix..

My phrase to my clan.....

"Get over it, you only have to last 5 days till its fixed"

But the real question is will I survive them for the next 5 days?

Watch this space!

X x


  1. haha I think young people could not survive without a tv or the internet.

    Good luck for the next 5 days...x

  2. Our Sky remote died a few weeks ago. I told the family that I wasn't making a special trip to get a new one, they could wait until next time I went to Tesco.

    What a fuss they made. I wouldn't mind so much except they could still do everything by standing up, walking over to the Sky box and pressing some buttons!

    I really feel your pain Trayci!


  3. Our sky+ box broke the other week, it was a difficult 5 days without it! xx

  4. oh dear!! hopefully the sun will stay out so you can do out door things instead :)

  5. Disaster, I hate watching programmes on my laptop, so feel their pain!


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