Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Short And Sweet.....

Now this title could be seen as misleading, as I am neither short nor sweet, but I refer more to my attire over the past weekend.

With this glorious weather I seem to have lived in nothing but shorts. (and a top of course)

Here's proof;
(if you are of a sensitive nature look away now)

Top - Dorothy Perkins (years old)
Shorts - River Island (years old)

Cool and comfort has been the order of the day.

Most days I have returned from the allotment covered in dirt and achy,

Sunglasses - Raybans (40th birthday gift)

but pleased with the hard work we have put in too.

As for the rest of this week, well yet again it's a busy one with not only filming, but dead lines approaching faster than I would like.

So if it all goes quiet on the western front, panic not, it's just that I am bogged down with work.

X x


  1. Hasn't the weather been fabulous?! This combo is perfect for gardening in the sun. Doesn't it feel great to be covered in dirt after a day of hard graft? You can't beat it!

  2. This weather has been so lovely. Don't work too hard, I'm not actually sure what you do.


  3. Hooray for the sunshine! X

  4. great weather to be outside indeed, I've been making the most of it too :) x

  5. It is strange to see those summery pictures - I have just come home soaked after a trip out on my bike.

  6. Don't worry honey, I looked pretty much the same at the weekend too! Gotta do it in the hot weather! x


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